Atlas of the Unexpected Haphazard discoveries chance places and unimaginable destinations by Travis Elborough Martin Brown

Atlas of the Unexpected: Haphazard discoveries, chance places and unimaginable destinations
Travis Elborough, Martin Brown

“Travis Elborough writes about a wide range of subjects with originality, learning and charm. Atlas of the Unexpected…is seductively beautiful: an inspiring, dream-inducing guide to almost four dozen “haphazard discoveries, chance places and unimaginable destinations”…” David Kynaston,New Statesman– ‘best books of 2018’

In 45 beautiful, unique maps and with evocative photography, Atlas of the Unexpectedis a journey to far-off lands, obscure discoveries and unimaginable locations.

From the fortuitous discovery of the Dead Sea scrolls by a stray goat, to the wonderfully bizarre beginnings that led to the aptly named Just Enough Room Island and even the royal romance that led shipwrecked lovers to discover Madeira, Travis Elborough takes you on a voyage to some of the world’s most wondrous, improbable and – most of all – unexpected of places.