How to Make People Laugh Learn the Science of Laughter to Make a Powerful Impression, Win Friends and Improve Your Sense of..

How to Make People Laugh: Learn the Science of Laughter to Make a Powerful Impression, Win Friends and Improve Your Sense

Would you like to be appreciated by the people around you?
What if I told you that with just a few lines you could impress whoever you want?
Have you ever noticed that the people you love the most are the people who make you laugh?

Laughter, an involuntary contagious reaction, is a way to connect with others and convey information about social situations.

Laughter can relieve feelings of discomfort, anger or sadness and has the power to make you feel close to others.

Laughing is a reaction that involves the brain, usually the instinctive part in the case of silly and/or simple jokes and other parts of the brain in the case of more sophisticated and/or intellectual jokes.

Some people are fun by nature, but being fun is also a set of skills that can be learned.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this fun guide:

How to understand others through the science of laughter.

Tips for enhancing your image to make a memorable impression.

The art of self-irony to displace anyone.

The anatomy of a joke.

Examples of practical jokes and exercises.

Learn to post videos, photos and viral posts on the internet.

Emergency manoeuvres if you don’t like your jokes.

By using the techniques provided in this manual you will be exceptionally entertaining without ever getting taken for a clown or being considered an idiot.

Unlike other publications, this book is not aimed at experienced actors or comedians. Anyone can use it, and it doesn’t read like a university course. The examples and exercises provided can be put into practice right away!

You will be more successful if you know how to make people laugh.

When you finish reading this book, which is actually a crash course, the “diploma” you will receive will not be a scroll with your name on it, but invaluable knowledge and tools on the science of laughter, helping you to be a great person to be with; a person who expresses joy and confidence.

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