The Greatfulness Guide – Jacqui Jones

The Greatfulness Guide: Next level thinking – How to think, not what to think

If life is a journey, then this book is an unmissable stop along the way.

The Greatfulness Guide is a practical and interactive resource that sets the foundations for strong mental health and positive, resilient thinking. This entertaining guidebook provides a map that teaches children step-by-step how to use their minds to care for themselves in times of stress or worry, and to truly flourish.

Packed with fun, engaging activities and real-life examples from Novak Djokovic, Mel Robbins, Andy McCann, Isaiah Dawe and many others, The Greatfulness Guide teaches young people HOW to think, not WHAT to think, giving them the power, the self-belief, and the tools to bounce back from life’s challenges.

Based on the Greatfulness wellbeing program which has been taught to thousands of school children aged 8-13 and endorsed by education standard authorities, this book is an essential read for every child before they hit their teenage years.