The Soul-Soaring Virtues of Separation – Amy Ransom

The Soul-Soaring Virtues of Separation: 111 Learnings to Heal Your Heart and Help You Fly

Reframe the narrative that a breakup is the end of something – and instead, view it as the start of your journey to self-realization.

This book offers an uplifting alternative to the narrative that separation and divorce are signs of failure; they can be the start of a journey to the new, thriving, joyful you.

In eight parts and 111 accessible learnings, The Soul-Soaring Virtues of Separation combines the Law of Attraction – the idea that we can attract positivity into our lives – and self-help with Amy’s own experience to help you find your way back home to you.

The Soul-Soaring Virtues of Separation will share how separation can be the enabler to help you live an authentic and joyful life. This book is for you if you’re in a place of limbo on the brink of separation, you’ve just separated, you’re divorced and struggling to move forwards, or you’re experiencing your first heartbreak after losing the love of your life. It will walk you through the eight stages that are present in separation – Assertiveness, Motivation, Insight, Self-Expression, Uniqueness, Independence, Awakening and New Beginnings.

Separation, in its many forms, is a heady mix of conflicting emotions, often hitting all at once – but everyone can learn to fly and somedays your soul will soar higher than it ever has before.