Artificial Intelligence: 2021

Artificial Intelligence: 2021 HBR Insights . Everything You can Learn from Harvard Business Review

Artificial Intelligence
2021 HBR Insights. Everything You can Learn from Harvard Business Review AI. Machine learning. All of these things are becoming a focal part of human life.But, what can AI and machine learning do for you? For many people, it poses the concern of AI taking over, and harming the common man. But for others, it’s a valuable tool that can help to embrace a company’s true potential. In this book, we’ll go over the impact of AI on different parts of life, what it can mean for you as a person, and the impact of AI on different aspects of life.
In this hbr guide, we’ll tackle the following:
Just what is AI
How machine learning falls into this.
The subsets of machine learning
How machine learning is applied to business
How AI will impact the workaday world
The importance of soft skills, and how this will be impactful to AI
The future of AI, on all fronts
The risks of AI—how it can go amuck
The challenges of AI—The issues with full implementation of it
As you can see, AI is a challenging subject, and touchy in a few cases. There is always that fer that robots will take over, but AI is also a tool, and a great one at that. We’ll explore how it’s a tool here, and just what it can do for you, your business, and life as well. Download your copy of ” Artificial Intelligence “