Once Upon a Time in Small Business

Once Upon a Time in Small Business: A Collection of Bite-Sized Business Stories to Help You Live Life By Your Rules


Once Upon a Time in Small Business is filled with adventures, colourful characters and life

lessons. But unlike a fairy tale, this is real!

Lee McCaffrey Krupa has started many profitable businesses in a number of different

industries. Along the way she’s had great successes and days she’d rather forget. In this

book she’ll take you on a journey straight into the heart of small business, sharing with you

her years of experience and the accompanying business and life lessons. Each chapter is

based on a single topic and is designed to be consumed by busy business owners looking for

a quick bite of knowledge and inspiration.

Get ready to learn about:

getting yourself right first

attracting new clients with content marketing

making genuine connections with your customers

ensuring your business looks the part

successfully juggling your personal and business life

managing the ups and downs that all businesses go through

running a successful family business.

And so much more …