30-Second Universe – Charles Liu

30-Second Universe: 50 most significant ideas, theories, principles and events that sum up… everything (30-Second) by Charles Liu, Karen Masters, Sevil Salur

Overview: The universe literally encompasses everything we were, are and will be, everything we knew, know and can know. When we decide to understand the universe as a whole, new truths come to light, and unexpected perspectives illuminate our take on life.

30-Second Universe explains all the tantalising concepts, principles and theories that make up our knowledge – the Higgs particle, gluons, quarks, the multiverse, how certainty itself can be uncertain, and of course, where our world came from, and where we’re going and what will happen in the end – and it explains these astrophysical answers succinctly, each entry taking only 30 seconds to read, with further exploration flagged, and key scientists noted. This one small book sheds light on the biggest ideas, concepts and discoveries in life, in the universe, in everything.

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