Korean Patchwork Quilting 37 Modern Bojagi Style Projects

Korean Patchwork Quilting: 37 Modern Bojagi Style Projects

November 3rd, 2020

A book that will make you see fabric in a whole new way!

From its origins as wrapping cloths made from scraps of fabric to its place in contemporary textile art shows, Bojagi-the traditional art of Korean patchwork quilting-is a wonderfully versatile mode of expression that can transform a room or a wardrobe.

Written by master instructor Choi Yangsook, Korean Patchwork Quilting teaches you step-by-step techniques through the art of assembling bits of lightweight fabric, by means of invisible seams, to create contemporary pieces for your home and life.

Projects in this book include:
Hangings for walls and windows
Exquisite table runners and table cloths
Delicate bags and pouches
Zakka (“miscellaneous”) accessories
Quirky jewelry pieces
And more!

This Korean folk craft has played an important role in Korean culture for centuries. The distinct “window pane” appearance of a Bojagi quilt often resembles a modern abstract painting or stained glass window, but can also be made of single-color fabric for an elegant look.

Lessons, diagrams and templates, along with a few simple knotting and embroidery techniques, present a wide range of projects so that novices can try their hand and more experienced quilters can enjoy a satisfying challenge.

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