The Sacred Ego by Jalaja Bonheim, Ph.D. [Bonheim, Jalaja]

The Sacred Ego: Making Peace with Ourselves and Our World
by Jalaja Bonheim

The Sacred Ego is a must read for anyone who has ever watched the news and wondered, ”What the heck is wrong with us? Are we all crazy?”

Yes, we are, says Bonheim, an internationally renowned teacher whose profound spiritual wisdom, keen psychological insight and down-to-earth pragmatism have helped thousands of people find inner peace and enjoy more fulfilling, harmonious relationships. With a wealth of riveting stories from her work with leaders and peacemakers from around the world, she pinpoints the dysfunctional habits and beliefs within our collective consciousness that are keeping us mired in destructive and self-destructive behaviors. Simultaneously, she celebrates the journey of healing and transformation that millions have embarked on and shares some powerful practices from her workshops.

Many popular books celebrate the evolution of human consciousness and the joys of spiritual awakening, yet ignore the very real obstacles lurking within the human psyche. If such inner adversaries are mentioned at all, they are dismissed as aspects of “the ego,” which we are supposedly capable of discarding at will. While such books have “feel-good” value, they typically fail to trigger real transformation.

The Sacred Ego is one of the very few books that faces our collective dysfunction head-on, without judgment yet with clear-sighted pragmatism. Based on her work with peacemakers from around the world, Jalaja Bonheim pinpoints the exact sources of conflict and warfare within our own psyche and shows how and why we undermine our desire for peace. From there, she goes on to show us the practical steps we can take towards transforming the collective habits, both in ourselves and in our world, that stand in the way of peace.

The Sacred Ego bridges spirituality, psychology, and activism in a way very few other books have achieved. Though all spiritual teachings aim to change the world for the better, the general perception is still that spirituality is a private matter that has little bearing on public life. Bonheim shows the fallacy of this view. Clarifying the distinction between religion and spirituality, she explains why spirituality, far from irrelevant, actually holds the key to human survival in our times.

She also highlights the key role that women are playing at this time of global transformation and shows how by strengthening feminine qualities within ourselves, we can create a gentler and more compassionate world for future generations. Though Bonheim does not deny the seriousness of the crisis we’re facing, her message is one of hope. Filled with inspiring stories, this book makes readers feel that they belong to a global family and have the power, not only to heal their own life, but also to make a meaningful contribution towards healing our planet.