Media Imperialism: Continuity and Change

Media Imperialism: Continuity and Change advances applied theoretical research on 21st century media imperialism. The volume includes established and emerging researchers in international communications who examine the geopolitical, economic, technological and cultural dimensions of 21st century media imperialism. The volume highlights and challenges how news, entertainment and social media uphold unequal power relations in the world.

Written in an accessible style, this volume marries conceptual, theoretical sophistication, and concrete illustration with rich case studies and global examples. Chapters cover the complete media spectrum, from social media to Hollywood, to news and national propaganda in national and transnational analyses. Readers will find discussions that range from soft power and China to the USA’s empire of the internet to the rise of “Chindia” in a post-American media world.

The volume is essential reading for upper level undergraduate, postgraduate and research communities across a wide range disciplines in the social science and the humanities.