The Art of Social Intelligence + Human Relationship 2 in 1- Improve Your Mindset With The Habits of Highly Effective People..

The Art of Social Intelligence + Human Relationship: 2 in 1- Improve Your Mindset

Do you find yourself wondering how some people make an amazing first impression?
Wish you could build meaningful (and lasting!) connections with great people?

Relationships are integral to our work and personal lives, yet so many of us struggle with the development and sustenance of positive connections with others. Now, based on behavioral science and developmental psychology, these two comprehensive publications explore an often-overlooked societal skill: social and emotional intelligence.

In The Art of Social Intelligence, explore the importance of understanding your own and others’ emotions, in order to develop deeper connections with the people around you.

Human Relationships unravels the complexities of our day-to-day, workplace and long-term interactions, and explains these sometimes bewildering experiences within the context of behavioral science and developmental psychology.