Marketing Metrics

Marketing Metrics, 4th Edition

Your Definitive, Up-to-Date Guide to Marketing MetricsChoosing Them, Implementing Them, Applying Them

This award-winning guide will help you accurately quantify the performance of all your marketing investments, increase marketing ROI, and grow profits. Four renowned experts help you apply todays best practices for assessing everything from brand equity to social media, email performance, and rich media interaction.

This updated edition shows how to measure costly sponsorships, explores links between marketing and financial metrics for current and aspiring C-suite decision-makers; presents better ways to measure omnichannel marketing activities; and includes a new section on accountability and standardization in marketing measurement. As in their best-selling previous editions, the authors present pros, cons, and practical guidance for every technique they cover.

Measure promotions, advertising, distribution, customer perceptions, competitor power, margins, pricing, product portfolios, salesforces, and more

Apply web, online, social, and mobile metrics more effectively

Build models to optimize planning and decision-making

Attribute purchase decisions when multiple channels interact

Understand the links between search and distribution, and use new online distribution metrics

Evaluate marketings impact on a publicly traded firms financial objectives

Whatever your marketing role, Marketing Metrics will help you choose the right metrics for every taskand capture data thats valid, reliable, and actionable.