Letting Go of Anxiety A Guide on Eliminating Stress and Worry from Your Life

Letting Go of Anxiety: A Guide on Eliminating Stress and Worry from Your Life

Does anxiety hold you back from everyday tasks?
Do you find yourself wishing you could only be “free”?

Take control of your emotional wellbeing and learn to THRIVE!

For 40 million Americans, living with an anxiety disorder is just another part of life. Left untreated, poor mental health can cause irreparable damage to an individual’s emotional wellbeing and physical health.

Overcoming Anxiety, Concern and Apprehension provides a wholistic approach to treating and reducing anxiety, with a compassionate blend of practical strategies and therapeutic advice. Through a combination of CBT-inspired exercises, lifestyle adjustments, and practical, in-the-moment tools for combatting anxiety’s destructive force, this comprehensive approach is an invaluable mental health toolkit.

In this book you will learn:

Why accepting anxiety does not mean resigning yourself to being unwell.
How mindful living can have transformative effects on anxious thought patterns.
Why ensuring you have a strong support system around you is smart, not needy.
The part that exercise and diet plays in keeping your mind and body healthy and resilient.
Why caffeine is wreaking havoc with your happy hormones.
If you’re tired of feeling like an onlooker and want to participate, wholeheartedly, happily, and fearlessly, in life – then Overcoming Anxiety, Concern and Apprehension is your complete guide to creating the free and joyous life you deserve.

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