Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence: How To Use Nonviolent Communication To Skyrocket Your EQ

Although so far many of us have invested in and cared for our IQ, in reality, our soft skills are just as or even more important. Emotional intelligence is an area rarely improved, but learning how to communicate better and more efficiently, how to emphasize and how to overcome interior struggles is vital for our inner peace and balanced life. Our book is a complete guide for understanding how to use non-violent communication to develop your emotional intelligence so you can improve your life!

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“Emotional Intelligence: How to Use Non-Violent Communication to Skyrocket Your EQ” is a simple and concrete guide for helping anyone understand emotions and how to they can use empathy and self-control to improve the relations with others. Feelings are the core of every activity we indulge in, so understanding where they come from and how to control them is the key to a happy, balanced life. Take the next step to self-development with our comprehensive EQ book!