Financial Management, 8th Edition, By Carlos Correia

Financial Management, 8th Edition, By Carlos Correia

By Correia, C ; Uliana, E

Now in its 8th edition, Financial Management is the leading text on the theory and application of corporate finance in southern Africa. Set against the backdrop of a globalising world economy and recent developments in financial markets, the text refers to real-world applications and financial decisions by South African companies.

Contents Include:
The book includes chapters on:

the time value of money
risk and return
portfolio management
financial statement analysis
bond and equity valuations
the cost of capital
capital budgeting
working capitalmanagement
sources of finance
capital structure
dividends and share buybacks
mergers,acquisitions and corporate restructuring
risk management and derivatives
international finance
business planning
financial modelling
Of Interest and Benefit to:
This book is recommended for undergraduate and postgraduate commerce or business students, ITC and APC candidates, practising accountants, internal and independent auditors, business managers, corporate finance practitioners, strategists and analysts.

Key Benefits:
• Professional ethics and codes of conduct updated in terms of revisions by SAICA and CFA
• Use of Excel models to provide detailed explanations of each topic in finance
• Extensive number of questions provided per chapter
• Relevant examples used to demonstrate application of finance theory
• Reference to insights and views of Warren Buffett on finance theory

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