Graphic Design for the 21st Century: 100 of the World’s Best Graphic Designers

Covering a vast range of cutting-edge graphics, with politically charged anti-commercial work placed in the same context as Nike’s latest ads, this book presents a sweeping look at today’s most progressive graphic currents – from signage at packaging to branding and web design.

“As a visual feast, this is a book on which to gorge yourself.” Artichoke Magazine, Melbourne

“…an essential reference tool.” Chroma Magazine, London

Graphic Design for the 21st Century SCIENCE and EDUCATION, PROFESSIONS and CRAFTS, HOBBIES and CRAFTS, PAINTING and DRAWING, DESIGN Publishing house: Taschen Publishing year: 2003 Language: English Format: PDF Pages: 647 Illustrations: 700 One-page cover size! 45.9 Mb Design! Comprehensive coverage: from the latest Nike ad campaigns to social, non-profit advertising. The book offers an overview of the most progressive modern trends in graphic design: from advertising and packaging design to brand promotion and web design. The works of more than 100 designers and design agencies are presented. Included are: examples of modern works; biographies and contact information; Answers of professionals to the question: “How do you see the future of graphic design?”