Proframming For Beginners 2020



Have you always been interested in the World of Programming?
If you want to learn the “Programming Languages for Beginners” or the “Professional Hacking Techniques”, then this is the perfect book for you…

This book Includes:

SQL COMPUTER PROGRAMMING FOR BEGINNERS: The Ultimate Guide to Learn SQL Programming Basics, SQL Languages, Queries and Practice Problems, SQL Server and Database, Coding Languages for Beginners.
You will learn:
Basic SQL Commands
SQL Functions
Data Manipulation
Database Administration
Performing CRUD Operations
The Hard-Hitting Concept Of Nested Queries And Recursive
Making Your Database Secure
Tables Modifying And Controlling
Aggregate Functions, Delete, & Update
Relationships & Join Queries
Sequences & Injection…and more!!!
PYTHON FOR BEGINNERS: The Ultimate Guide to Learn Python, the Secrets of Machine Language Learning, Data Science Analysis and Data Analytics.
You will learn:
Python variables
Python oops concepts
Python magic method
The principles of algorithm design
How to use your python skills
Development tools
The best python libraries to use with data science
Lists and dictionaries
How to handle unstructured data with text mining
Variable scope and lifetime in python functions
Future of python…and more!!!
KALI LINUX: The Complete Guide to Learn Linux for Beginners and Kali Linux, Linux System Administration and Command Line, How to Hack With Kali Linux Tools, Computer Hacking and Networking.
You will learn:
Ethical Hacker
The Meaning Of Ethical Hacking And Types
Pick Your Hat
Programming Linux
The Hacking Process
Kali Linux Tools
Malware And Cyber Attacks
Virtual Private Networks To Help
Attacking With Frameworks
Real Examples Of How To Hack With Kali Linux
Cryptography and Network Security… and more!!!
HACKING WITH KALI LINUX: Step by Step Guide to Learn Kali Linux for Hackers, Cybersecurity, Wireless Network Security and Penetration Testing. Your First Hack and Computer Hacking Beginners Guide.
You will learn:
Hacking with Kali Linux
Back Door Attacks
Wireless Networking
How to Initiate a Hack Using Kali Linux?
Your First Hack
Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing
Solving Level Problems
Exploitation of Computer Systems
How to Spoof Addresses…and more!!!

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