Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation: 6 Books in 1: Reiki Healing. Chakra Healing. Buddhism. Self Guided Meditation.

Have you been interested in the power of meditation and the result it could bring you but you just don’t know where to start? Among numerous of meditation methods, you just don’t know which would be the best for you?

Yes, we feel you! And now we are bringing you the 6 in 1 bundle pack (Meditation for beginner, Sleep, Anxiety; Meditation in Buddhism, Chakra and Reiki) so you could learn meditation from different aspects and get a much clearer idea about what meditation is all about.

If you’re suffering from countless sleepless nights and looking for a cure, or you’re eager to find out the way to create peace of mind against anxiety, the best way is through guided meditation. WE HEAR YOU! This is what this amazing bundle pack has to offer.

Whether you’re a beginner or you have never tried to meditate, all you have to do is systematizing a few key areas in your daily routines by following simply steps taught in this bundle from different approaches and methods… This bundle pack is about:

Learn everything you need to start meditating as a beginner!
Meditation in Buddhism, Reiki, Chakra. About their past, present and future
Understanding the power of meditation against insomnia nights and anxiety
Learn the different methods of meditation basing on your preference
Discovering the secret of the Meditation routine (Morning, evening and moving)
The ultimate goal is to lead a successful life: A clear path to achieving your goals
Even if you never did meditation before, or you are skeptical about the potentials of meditation (We know it, that’s why we call our academy, SKEPTICAL Self-Healing), you will find the answer to your questions, and a complete program to help you step by step.