LEARN Python KIDS & BEGINNERS. Python for BEGINNERS with Hands-on Fun Project & Games. (Learn Coding Fast in 2020)

Learn Python: KIDS & BEGINNERS. Python for BEGINNERS with Hands-on Fun Project & Games

Creating a child GENIUS isn’t as difficult as you may think. Here’s why…

Does your child (or yourself) seem to be attracted to, and fascinated by, the world of computers and technology?
Do you want to keep your child (or yourself) up to date on the ever-growing list of essential life skills to know, opening up a bountiful supply of opportunities later in their career?
Is your child bored of the same old activities and in need of change, something that will challenge his or her mind and allow for better problem-solving tactics?
Introducing your child to coding may sound intimidating, and you may even be skeptical if he or she will be able to figure it out, but it is actually quite simple and straight-forward.
Not only is it fun and exciting for kids to be able to use their magical imaginative abilities to create a game or puzzle, but, according to Raise Smart Kid, it also teaches your child:

Better problem-solving skills
How to utilize math in action
Outside-the-box thinking

And those are only a handful of the copious benefits there are.
Given today’s modern society where technology dominates almost all aspects of our lives, why not give your child (or to yourself) the gift of coding so that he or she will be able to thrive along side the world’s quick advancements?

In Learn Python, you will discover:

How to teach your child the basics of Python without you needing to be an expert in computers or programming
Surprise quizzes to keep your child on track and make sure they are retaining the information necessary in order to be successful in coding
The most commonly used commands when writing codes, and how to effectively apply them to your work to achieve your desired outcome
A handy glossary filled to the brim with all the proper terms and definitions both you and your child need to know before going forward with your coding journey
Endless project ideas your child can begin today that will keep them engaged for hours, and how to go about starting them
A practical, modern hobby that will keep your son or daughter occupied in times of boredom and boost their problem-solving skills and intellect, all while having a blast!
A step-by-step tutorial your child will be able to follow effortlessly for creating unique puzzles, games, and artwork not only for their own enjoyment, but also their friends’

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