DSLR Photography For Beginners

DSLR Photography For Beginners: A Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide to Learning About Digital SLR Photography

Are you a Beginner in Photography and you want to Learn more about Digital Camera?

DSLR Photography for Beginners is a book designed to equip and improve beginner Photographer’s ability in terms of knowing how to choose the right DSLR Camera, understanding how the camera sees the dynamic range, understanding the exposure triangle, motion blur, and image noise.
This book will teach you how to successfully master the shooting modes, metering mode, exposure compensation and when to use the aperture priority mode, how to deal with white balance and how to shoot golden hour photography.

You would also get unique training that covers :
Shooting in RAW
Indoor photography tips
Autofocus modes
Photography composition
Using the polarizing filter
Creating HDR images
And many more..

You would learn all these and much more in this guidebook.

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