The Six Perfections – Lama Zopa Rinpoche

The Six Perfections: The Practice of the Bodhisattvas

A practical and actionable guide to the six perfections, a backbone of the Buddhist path, by an internationally beloved teacher.

The six perfections are the actions of the bodhisattvas, holy beings who have transcended selfless concerns. But they’re also skills we can and should develop right now, in our messy, ordinary lives.

In this clear, comprehensive guide to the backbone of Buddhist practice, Lama Zopa walks us through each of the six perfections:
1. charity,
2. morality,
3. patience,
4. perseverance,
5. concentration,
6. and wisdom.

For each one, he carefully unfurls its intricacies, showing us its depth of meaning, how it intertwines with the other perfections, and how to practice it fully in your everyday life—offering concrete ways for us to be more generous, more patient, more wise . With the guidance he gives us, we can progress in our practice of the perfections, becoming more generous, patient, and wise, until we, like the bodhisattvas, learn to cherish others above ourselves.

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