Neuroplasticity: A Cognitive Behavioral Approach to Anxiety and Procrastination

Neuroplasticity: A Cognitive Behavioral Approach to Anxiety and Procrastination. 2 Manuscripts : How to Stop Procrastinating

Highly Effective Strategies for Rewiring Your Brain by Changing your Habits!

Neuroplasticity is the change in neural pathways and synapses that occurs due to certain factors, like behavior, environment, or neural processes. Cognitive-behavioral therapy modified the neural circuits involved in the regulation of negative emotions and fear extinction in judged treatment responders. Neuroimaging studies revealed that CBT was able to change dysfunctions of the nervous system. Persons with anxiety disorders are characterized by excessive neural reactivity in the amygdala, which is normalized by effective treatment like cognitive behavior therapy (CBT).

Within the pages of this workbook collection, you will find key details of cognitive-behavioral therapy and procrastination cure. CBT aims to teach people the keys to literally rewiring their minds in hopes of using the process to alleviate symptoms of anxiety. Furthermore, recent experimental researches suggest that interventions based on Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) show promise in the treatment of procrastination. Procrastination is one of the main barriers blocking you from getting up, making the right decisions and living the dream life you’ve thought of. Recent studies have shown that people regret more the things they haven’t done than the things they have done. In addition, feelings of regret and guilt resulting from missed opportunities tend to stay with people much longer.

Included in this book collection are:

COGNITIVE BEHAVIORAL THERAPY. Workbook for Anxiety: A 7-Step Program to Overcome your Fear, Panic, Anxiety, and Worry
HOW TO STOP PROCRASTINATING: A Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Guide To Breaking The Procrastination Habit, Mastering Your Time, And Overcoming Your Negative Emotions

If you are looking for a way to change your thoughts and your bad habits directly then these books might be exactly what you need.

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