America’s Wars – Alan Axelrod

1) America’s Wars – Alan Axelrod
Wiley | 2002 | PDF

In America’s Wars, one of the nation’s leading authors of popular history provides a unique one-stop resource for essential information on every military action involving the United States and its precursor colonies. Comprehensive coverage includes:

• Capsule histories of every recorded conflict that occurred in North America or involved the United States through the present day
• Engagingly written accounts of more than 100 wars, skirmishes, and military expeditions
• More than 100 illustrations, including period photos and depictions
• Compelling firsthand accounts of major engagements
• Timelines and primary-source documents
• Fresh insights into the underlying causes and consequences of each conflict

2) Political History of America’s Wars – Alan Axelrod
Wiley | 2006 | PDF

Political History of America′s Wars is the first reference work to explore the legislative, social, and policy aspects of America′s major wars, rebellions, and insurrections. This new volume weaves together important primary source documents, informative biographies, and in-depth essays to provide coverage of the political antecedents, events, and consequences of America′s wars, from the American Revolution to Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Political History of America′s Wars features:
• Chronological chapters on each of America′s approximately fifty wars, rebellions, and insurrections
• In-depth essays discussing America′s colonial period and the Indian Wars, the imperialist era of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the modern era of America as global policeman, and more
• Primary source documents and materials on relevant legislation and congressional resolutions, executive orders, proclamations, court cases, and constitutional amendments
• Vital coverage of war-time events and trends including elections and political parties, public opinion, propaganda, media coverage, foreign relations, diplomacy, and treaties and alliances

A helpful glossary, a comprehensive table of laws and treaties, and an index make Political History of America′s Wars a valuable research tool that will serve researchers in political science, U.S. history, sociology, journalism, geography, and more.

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