A Companion to Ancient Thrace

A Companion to Ancient Thrace – Julia Valeva, Emil Nankov, Denver Graninger
Wiley-Blackwell | 2015 | PDF

A Companion to Ancient Thrace presents a series of essays that reveal the newly recognized complexity of the social and cultural phenomena of the peoples inhabiting the Balkan periphery of the Classical world.

• Features a rich and detailed overview of Thracian history from the Early Iron Age to Late Antiquity
• Includes contributions from leading scholars in the archaeology, art history, and general history of Thrace
• Balances consideration of material evidence relating to Ancient Thrace with more traditional literary sources
• Integrates a study of Thrace within a broad context that includes the cultures of the eastern Mediterranean, southwest Asia, and southeast Europe/Eurasia
• Reflects the impact of new theoretical approaches to economy, ethnicity, and cross-cultural interaction and hybridity in Ancient Thrace

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