Hygge and Lagom

Hygge and Lagom: How Simple Pleasures Will Help You Lead a Cozy and Balanced Life, Improve Your Relationships and Boost Health

If You Want To Discover The Secret Of Happiness And Bring Balance Into Your Life… Read On!

Would you like to make your home a comforting, relaxing, friendly place?

Do you want to break the crazy cycle of dieting and overeating, procrastination and overworking, and finally find moderation?

Are you trying to lead a life that’s cozy, mindful, and low-stress… but keep falling off the wagon?

Well, the Scandinavians are here to help you.

The Vikings may have loved battles and dangerous adventures, but their descendants seem to have mastered the art of cozy happiness. Denmark is the world’s happiest country, with Norway, Iceland, and Sweden close by.

What is it that makes Scandinavians so happy?

It’s their lifestyle, which emphasizes well-being, mindfulness, and moderation. Two key Scandinavian lifestyle concepts are hygge and lagom.

The Danish concept of hygge is all about creating an environment that’s cozy, relaxing, and comforting – like a hug (yes, the words hygge and hug are probably related!).

While hygge is more focused on creating a cozy home, lagom is more about your attitude to doing things. Not too much, not too little, just right. Take coffee breaks (known in Swedish as fika). Put together a capsule wardrobe and never struggle with having too many clothes. Practice small acts of kindness while not forgetting about self-care.

If all of this sounds nice but you’re not sure how to make this work in your life… read this book!

Here’s what you’ll discover:

How to create hygge in your home: a step-by-step guide

Practical strategies to make hygge a part of your daily routine

The art of hygge cooking

How to introduce lagom into your home, work, and family

And much more!

This book is filled with practical tips that go beyond stereotypical advice about warm socks and candles. It will show you everyday routines that will make your life hygge and help you find balance even when life gets tough.

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