Take Control of Your Depression: Strategies to Help You Feel Better Now (Johns Hopkins Press Health)

Take Control of Your Depression: Strategies to Help You Feel Better Now (Johns Hopkins Press Health)

Some call it the blues or a storm in their head. William Styron referred to it as “darkness visible.” Whatever the description, depression is a disorder of the mind and body that affects millions of adults at some point in their lives. In Take Control of Your Depression, Dr. Susan J. Noonan provides people experiencing depression with strategies to take stock of their mental state, to chart a course toward emotional balance, and to track their progress on the journey to well-being.

Writing from her personal experience as both a recipient and a provider of mental health services, Dr. Noonan explains how to obtain care from professionals, outlines what medical options are available, and lists everyday things people can do to feel better. Integrating medicine, psychology, and holistic care while exploring the basics of mental health, she touches on diet, sleep habits, physical activity, and mindfulness techniques.

This useful and compassionate workbook, which is specifically designed for people who find it difficult to focus and concentrate during a depressive episode, includes
• proven relapse prevention and resilience techniques
• targeted cognitive exercises
• daily worksheets that can be used to track your progress and response to therapy
• the fundamentals of Cognitive Behavior Therapy
• advice on dealing with family and friends
• guidance from remarkable people on depression
• a discussion of how technology and social media can be used to manage well-being
• a section on treatment-resistant depression
• specialized tips aimed at women, men, adolescents, the elderly, and people dealing with chronic illness

The only workbook on depression that combines a discussion of medical options, talk therapy techniques, and established self-help strategies, Take Control of your Depression empowers individuals to participate in their own care, which offers them a better chance of recovery and of staying well.

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